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baby ktan Baby K'tan Baby Carrier  - Black (M)

baby ktan Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Black (M) - BKBC-BL-M

by: baby ktan

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4The Baby K'tan® Baby Carrier (patent pending) is a uniquely designed soft cotton carrier. It can be worn in all the same positions as a wrap, without the hassle of wrapping! The K'tan is made of two loops of cotton which are connected by a third smaller loop called the Back Support Band. This ergonomic and stylish design allows the carrier to be worn in multiple positions, all without any complicated wrapping or buckling. It is a cross between a sling and a structured front baby carrier, offering the positions and benefits of both! The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier is sized according to the wearer and is available in 5 basic t-shirt sizes: XS-XL.

How does the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier differ from other slings & structured carriers?
The Other Slings
Single Sling (ring or fitted):

  • Goes over one shoulder only
  • Limited wearing positions
  • Less security for baby


  • Complicated to put on
  • Excessive fabric in hot weather
  • Drags on ground when putting on
  • Difficult to remove

Structured Carrier:

  • Complicated buckles, rings or snaps
  • Limited positions
  • Not dryer safe

The Unique Baby K'tan Baby Carrier
Double-Sling Design:

  • Rests on both shoulders
  • Multiple wearing positions holds babies 8lb to 35lb
  • Double loop provides extra security for baby

No wrapping involved: Watch Video!

  • Easy to put on with no wrapping!
  • Less fabric than a wrap
  • Comes ready to wear
  • Simple to remove

100% soft cotton carrier:

  • No buckles, rings or snaps
  • Multiple positions
  • Machine washable and dryer safe